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Podcast with Iona Italia, Ben Burgis, and Matt Johnson on Hitchens

Ten Years Since Christopher Hitchens Died: An Announcement


Free speech on campus

Love in a Cold Universe: A Halloween Tale of Two Buried Gays

Newsletter #14: Guidance for Apes, Sudan Strikes for Freedom, Trumpistan vs Democracy, and the Death of a Legend

Newsletter #13: TNT, Uyghurs, a Mélange of a Review, Dinners and Parties, Islamism Strikes Again, Burgis on Hitchens, Cooking Pots vs. Floods, and More

Newsletter #13: The New Taboo, the Emperor, Sin à la Suisse, A Queen's Woes, Vaccine Hoarders, Goddamn Commies, Blasphemy, Churchill, and A Passion for Well-Sealed Windows

Newsletter #12: Living Freedom, New Atheism Lives, Hoel on Popular Science, the Second Coming, and More

A Small Amusement: The 'Kingdom' of Fife

Newsletter #11: 9/11, Hope in Panjshir, Royal Pains, the Middle Ages Come to Texas, the Perils of Nature, a Wonder Tale, and More

Newsletter #10: Free Speech in Scotland, Resisting the Taliban, Salman does Substack, and the Failure of Faith Confirmed Yet Again

Newsletter #9: Routines, Castles, and Free Speech Champions

On Being Scottish

Newsletter #8: Pfizer, Freedom, and Despair (or, the Fucking Taliban)

Newsletter #7: Being Hercules, London Trip, and a Dawkins Tweet

Newsletter #6: A Whole Lot of Nothing, Leaving Edina, Absenting Myself, and Revolution

Newsletter #5: Glasgow Bacchanalia, the Taliban Resurgent, and More

Newsletter #4: Memory Lane, Tribal Football, and More

On Finishing What I Set Out to Do (and Graduating to Spectrehood)

Newsletter #3: Castles, Boats, Bastards, and Apologies

Newsletter #2: Plants, Portraits, Graduation, Monsters, and More

Piss and Vinegar; or, The Balls on Peter Tatchell

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