In lieu: Cineworld's cowardice and religious bullyingListen now (10 min) | A reading
I was pondering what to write this week, but the ideas I had will take a little longer to develop. So, instead, I present my piece on Cineworld…
On free speech: a reading from Salman Rushdie's memoir 'Joseph Anton' (2012)Listen now (9 min) | As I explain in the recording, this reading was inspired by a piece I wrote about the capitulation of Cineworld to censorious…
A Reading from Salman Rushdie's 'The Satanic Verses' (1988)Watch now (37 min) |
I’m going to be absent for a week or two as I’m soon off to London and Oxford for various different reasons. In lieu of a new piece this week, then, I…
A Reading of Orwell's 'Looking Back on the Spanish War' (Part 2)Listen now (20 min) | Image credit: Cassowary Colorizations, used under the Creative CommonsAttribution 2.0 Generic license.
A Reading of Orwell’s ‘Looking Back on the Spanish War’ (Part 1)Listen now |
A reading from George Orwell's 'Homage to Catalonia' (1938)Listen now (12 min) | See also my piece detailing some of my Spanish/Orwellian experiences (audio version of that piece here).
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