Hello there! I am an independent writer who has contributed to various outlets including Areo Magazine, Merion West, Quillette, Free Inquiry, The Spectator Australia, The Critic, Queer Majority, and the Washington Examiner. I am also a contributor to and Assistant Editor of The Freethinker, one of Britain’s oldest freethought magazines. Welcome to Daniel’s Den!

Please see my website, which contains more information about me and which functions as an archive for all my published writing. The way I’ve come to see it is that the website is a kind of joint home base/CV/archive of sorts, while this Substack will be a place for me to write whatever I like. Matt Johnson wrote that the launch of his Substack marked the beginning of his ‘As I Please’ phase (‘As I Please’ being the name of George Orwell’s regular Tribune column where he wrote about…whatever he pleased). I wish I had thought of that example, but it sums up the spirit of my own little Substack quite nicely, too.

For now, Daniel’s Den is free, but if I can make some money in the future then it might not remain so. Still, if you can pay for a subscription, I would be grateful if you did. Or you can support me through Patreon. I also have a Paypal for one-off donations.

I don’t have a set schedule or structure for this Substack. I will post as frequently as I like—mostly non-fiction, but occasionally I might paddle in fictional waters. I will also sometimes post audio versions of my pieces. I have also done podcasts and debates (Den Discussions and Den Debates) here and might do more in future. I might also occasionally post a reading of some bit of literature that I like. I reserve the right do obey my own whim only.

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Essays, stories, readings, and discussions of a literary, personal, political, and perhaps even philosophical bent.


Writer. Scottish. Assistant editor, ‘The Freethinker’. Secularism, humanism, literature, science, history, culture, freedom: these are a few of my favourite things.