Hello there. You may know me from such illustrious outlets as Areo Magazine and Quillette, not to mention various other publications. Or perhaps you don’t know me at all, in which case let me introduce myself. My name is Daniel James Sharp and I’m a graduate of the University of Edinburgh. I’m a freelance writer currently on the lookout for more permanent employment, though I am Iona Italia’s right-hand man at Areo. I set up this Substack so that I would have a place to publish miscellaneous pieces of my own, aside from the work I produce at Areo and elsewhere.

Please see my website, which contains more information about me and which functions as an archive for all my published writing. The way I’ve come to see it is that the website is a kind of joint home base/CV/archive of sorts, while this Substack will be a place for me to write whatever I like. I’m sure it’ll take a more concrete shape over time. For now it’s free, but if I can make some money in future then it may not remain so. Still, if you can pay, I would be grateful if you did. Making money in this business ain’t easy, you know! Or you can support me through Patreon. I also have a Paypal for one-off donations.

Here’s the loose structure of this Substack. I will try to post every Monday, alternating between a reading from a book/poem/anything else I’d like to share, an original essay or short story, an audio version of the essay/short story, and then another reading. I have also begun a series of Den Discussions, wherein I’ll chat, podcast-style, with people I find interesting on subjects I find interesting. These might be monthly, or perhaps not—as with all things on this Substack, I reserve the right to irregularity. Anyway, whenever they appear, they will take up one of the ‘reading’ slots.

So, the general schedule will look something like this:

Monday 1: Reading (or Den Discussion)

Monday 2: Short story

Monday 3: Audio version of short story

Monday 4: Another reading (or Den Discussion)

(Cycling back around)

Monday 5: Reading (or Den Discussion)

Monday 6: Essay

Monday 7: Audio version of essay

Monday 8: Another reading (or Den Discussion)


I think that all makes sense… Though, to reemphasize, I do also reserve the right to be irregular and variable and to do/change things on a whim.

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Daniel x

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Daniel James Sharp

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